3. November 2010

Culinary Fair ,Take 2

Good morning!
Today the second part of my Culinary Fair experience:)
(I don't know what about you but simply looking at the pictures makes me drool;))

More noodles: This time Tortelloni with ricotta cheese and spinach

I love fresh noodles. Actually that's not true. I am obsessed!
(Now you know why I took so many pictures of the noodles;). All in all I think I spent about one third of my time at the fair at the noodle makers...)

my favorites were the Cappelletti with a nice pumpkin filling. They didn't only look delicious, they were breath taking! Before serving they sautéed the noodles in butter and parmesan cheese. It was to die for.
I am sorry but there is no picture because they were gone within seconds.

There also were some (to me) strange products...
Flavoured salt. Maybe you can help me but vanilla flavoured salt...What can I use that for? I say, it was nasty. Oh well, maybe I just do not understand the higher meaning behind it;).The lemon flavoured salt was great ,though.

No, it's not mozzarella cheese with balsamic vinegar...

It's vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and basil leaves on a cold stone. A great idea to create your own special ice cream flavour.

Something Christmassy...

Voilà: Chocolate truffles...

Wahh, cupcakes!!!

Pepper Jam...

The End

1. November 2010

Culinary Fair 2010

Hey guys!
Today I want to report about the Culinary Fair "Kulinart"in Frankfurt that took place on Sunday.It was very interesting and delicious!

I have been waiting for that day to come since July when I had first read about it!Woohu:)
The fair took place in Frankfurt(how convenient)in an old brick-lined hall which is normally used as a theatre and for all different kind of events. All in all, the perfect background for culinary excellency:)

I had high ambitions when we (my boyfried and I)arrived because I wanted to see and eat some delicious food. And alas, I was not dissapointed.
There were freshly made noodles...

Ready to be eateeeen:)

Excotic fruits and vegetables...

Hot, hot..

The pretty colours lured me and said: "Eat me".

Ready for a quiz?
Ok ,guess what it is...:

(Answer: Sheep's milk cheese with grape crust, very strong and tasty)

Roasted Italien bread with feta cheese, black olives and tomatoes

Some coffee art...
Second question of the day: What is it?

So cute ^^

(It's a bear. No comment:D)

It's time for some chocolate...

The most beatiful pastries I have ever seen..

Tomorrow I'll share with you the rest of my pictures of the Culinary Fair. Now I have to head to work!!!
Have a nice day!